What is Your Legacy?

Create Your Legacy Today

The desire to leave a lasting legacy to make the world a better place is one of life's satisfying moments. In creating a legacy gift to the BC Lions Society or Easter Seals BC/Yukon, you can make a fulfilling gift, which will help future generations of children with disabilities.

There are various ways to make a gift for the future, such as a gift in your will. Planning a future gift should consider timing and tax benefits. Consulting with family and advisors can allow you to meet your financial needs and philanthropic dreams in making an impact in the lives of children with disabilities. We would be honoured to provide you with detailed information to discuss with your financial and/or legal advisors.

Planned Giving Information

How to Create Your Legacy

Your legacy can be created in many ways.

  1. You can leave a bequest in your Will
  2. Donate Securities
  3. Designate a Life Insurance Policy, RRSPs and RRIFs
  4. Establish a Named Endowment or Charitable Trust.
  5. Donate property

Make a Gift in Your Will

A charitable gift through one's Will, known as a bequest, can be in the form of a sum of money, a specific property, a percentage of the residue of your estate or a contingency gift. The tax credit resulting from a bequest can provide valuable tax savings to your estate. It is important if you leave a gift for the children in your Will to contact us for the correct legal name of the Society and our charitable registration number. If you are considering a gift please email or call us at 604-873-1865 or Toll Free 1 (800) 818-4483 and we will send you the suggested bequest wording needed for your legal advisor.

Gifts of Securities

Publicly traded securities donated to the BC Lions Society can provide you with more tax benefits instead of selling the stock first and then making a gift of cash from the sale proceeds. Gifts of securities can eliminate your capital gains.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan/Income Funds (RRSP/RRIFS)

By designating your Mutual Funds, RRSP's or RRIF's or a portion of them to the BC Lions Society you can create considerable tax savings for your estate.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Establishing a charitable remainder trust means you or anyone you chose could receive an income for life and tax relief today. You can transfer assets such as cash, securities or real estate to be placed in trust. You continue to receive a steady income and when the trust terminates, the remainder of the capital is paid to the BC Lions Society.

Gifts of Life Insurance

By designating the BC Lions Society as the owner or beneficiary of a fully paid, current, or new life insurance policy, you can create a valuable tax benefit to be used today or for your estate.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Gift annuities may allow donors to increase their disposable income through the receipt of regular payments for life. Depending on your age you will receive all or a portion of annuity payments tax-free and may receive a tax receipt. Annuities can offer distinct tax advantages over other investment income.


Endowments are charitable dollars for tomorrow.  An endowment is created when a donor asks the BC Lions Society to hold and invest their donation in perpetuity.  For as little as $10,000 a named endowment can be established.  The capital is held in perpetuity and interest earned each year provides services to the children.  If you are interested in setting up an endowment please contact the Society. 

Note: The information on this page can help facilitate discussions between you and your advisor. It is not intended as legal advice. We encourage you to seek advice from a qualified professional.

For more information please contact us at legacy@lionsbc.ca

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