BC Easter Seals Camps

For detailed information please visit www.eastersealscamps.ca.

Easter Seals BC/Yukon Camp provide overnight summer camping experiences for children and teens with physical and/or intellectual disabilities throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. The cost to the Society to send a child to Easter Seals Camp is approximately $2,400.  We operate an accessible camp in Winfield in the Okanagan Valley. Every summer kids with disabilities come to camp to have the best week of their year.

At Camp Winfield, it is our goal to provide safe, fun activities in an environment where the focus is on abilities, not disabilities. At camp, campers have an opportunity to challenge themselves, take risks and try new things in a safe, warm and supportive environment. All of our camp activities are designed to build confidence, independence and help campers to feel better about themselves. Some favourite activities include tie-dye, rock climbing, dance parties, swimming, canoeing, talent shows, camping out, wheelchair sports, and kangaroo kourt. Our specially trained camp staff do everything they can to ensure that campers have the best week of their summer!

For many of our campers, camp is the week they look forward to all year long. For parents, it is an opportunity to allow their children to be away from home in a safe, fun and caring environment. Camp is a place where kids can really be themselves, and as a result, have lots of fun and make lasting friendships.

Due to allergy situations there are No Pets allowed at camp.  With the exception of service animals.

Summer Camp Applications for the 2018 camp season will come out April 1st

If you would like more information about becoming a camper, volunteer or staff member at camp, please visit the Easter Seals BC/Yukon Camp Website: www.eastersealscamps.ca.

A Look at our Young Adult Camp Program


Here is a partial list of some of the challenges faced by the kids who attend Easter Seals Camps:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (Reyes, Aspergers) - Arksog Syndrome - Agenisis corpus collosum - Allergies - Amputee - Angleman's syndrome - Apraxia - Asthma Ataxia Telangectasia - ADHD - Blind - Cerebral Atrophy - Berebral Disgenesis - Cerebral Palsy - Chromosome Abnormality - Chromosome #7 Deletion - Cleft Palate - Cogan's - Syndrome - Cortical Problems - Deaf  - Diabetes - Digeorge Syndrome - Diploid-Triploid Mixploidy - Down Syndrome - Dwarfism - Epilepsy - Foetal Alcohol Syndrome - Fragile X Syndrome - Friedrich's Ataxia - Global Developmental Delay - Glutaric Acidura - Hearing Impairment - Heart Disease/Defects - Hemiparesis - Hemiplegia - Hydrocephalus - Hypotonia - Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis - Kabuki Make-Up Syndrome - Kartengeners Syndrome -Lennox Gastaut Syndrome - Microcephaly - Muscular Dystrophy - Organic Brain Dysfunction - Paraplegia - Post-Meningitis - Prader-Willi Syndrome - Quadriplegia - Ring R 22 Syndrome - Scheurmanns Disease - Seizure Disorder - Soto Syndrome - Spastic Diplegia - Spastic Quadriplegia - Speech Impediment - Spina Bifida - Sticklers Syndrome - Tourette Syndrome - Tuberous Sclerosis - Turner Syndrome - Vision Impairment - William's Syndrome

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


Here's what some parents had to say about their child's experience with Easter Seals Camps:

"Words cannot express what one week has done for our son. It was probably one of the most dramatic changes in our little guy we have ever seen. Thank you so much...." 


"When we picked him up from camp after 6 days he begged us to stay, he can’t wait till next year! Thank you for such a great program."
“Camp is 1 of the 2 things that my son looks forward to every year; he LOVES camp”
"I am thankful with every inch of my soul for this opportunity for my daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

“I am very thankful for everyone who continues to contribute to the Lions Club so that Superkids, like mine, can have fun - like any other kid”

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